Maxi Gourmet Market

The new, bigger and better Maxi gourmet market

A stroll around Maxi is a truly sensory experience. Maxi gourmet market is now bigger, more modern and offers the most exceptional products yet. 

Maxi's new food court takes on a gourmet journey around the world – the best of street food, innovative quick snacks and good old Slovenian classics. Say goodbye to the mundane; from now on, your snack, lunch or dinner can be a real gourmet adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to our richly stocked outlets.

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Take a flavour-filled trip around the world

Sushi, a popular Japanese street food ‘born’ back in the 8th century, famously one of the most mouthwatering quick snacks in the world. The delicious ready-made rolls of rice and fish, made by Maxi's sushi chefs on the spot, are a wonderful light lunch that will energise you for the afternoon!

Asian flavours for cosmopolitan people. Savour the crunchy vegetables and fragrant aromas of Asian spices. Choose your favourite ingredients, which Maxi's chefs will quickly prepare for you in a wok.

Real American Stars for anyone who can’t resist the good old American tradition. Treat yourself to a hamburger made from top-quality meat of domestic origin, delicious marinated chicken wings, burgers or freshly roasted meats, fish or vegetables grilled on sizzling hot volcanic stones.

Pizza is not just an Italian treat. Maxi's pizzeria is a true paradise for anyone who loves freshly baked pizzas. Choose from a round one or new 60 cm long rectangular pizzas, available whole or by the slice.

Sandwichmania is Maxi's new sandwich corner, where you can find the most popular classic combinations, innovative new creations, classic Italian sandwiches, or create your own.

Looking for a taste of home?

For all who want that true taste of home there are Maxi's evergreen hits, which have been delighting fans of authentic home-made Slovenian food for decades with their excellent recipes.

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The Maxi butcher's and fish market

The butcher's shop is stocked with aged meat from our own aging plant and selected cuts from the world's best farms, from Slovenia to Uruguay and Argentina. In the new fish market, you can find more than 30 species of fresh fish and seafood every day.

The fish market offers at least 30 species of fish and seafood daily. Professional staff will help you with your purchase and suggest the most delicious way to prepare what you have bought.

Maxi's delicatessen

Maxi's delicatessen means quality and exclusive products and services.It offers a wide selection of excellent prosciutto, fragrant mortadella and salami, as well as gourmet olives, various cheeses and more.

The Maxi 'to-go' cone is a new product offered by Maxi's delicatessen. Try a delicious cone of high-quality gourmet delicacies of your choice, which you can eat on the go.

Maxi's bakery will entice you with the smell of freshly baked bread. It offers many types of bread, from the classic white loaf, French baguettes, buckwheat or cornflour bread to special loaves with walnuts and other delicious additions.

Eco and specialty foods

We pay special attention to eco and specialty foods. In addition to ecologically grown foods, we stock products that are free from gluten, lactose, sugar or white flour. We offer a wide selection of delicious vegan and vegetarian products. At Maxi, we care about our planet, which is why we also offer products sold in bulk – from pasta, grains and cereals to lyophilized fruit. Don't miss the handmade and fair trade pumpkin cookies, which are created with love and care by people with learning disabilities.

Wine shop and patisserie

The wine shop will impress even the connoisseurs, as it is richly stocked with Slovenian and imported wines from European countries as well as New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.

The patisserie and the confectionery store will delight everyone with a sweet tooth. The patisserie offers various cakes, macaroons, pies, tartlets and other sweet treats, whilst in the confectionery store you can choose between premium chocolates and chocolate assortments.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday