Maxi is a department store with tradition

In October 2019, Maxi unveiled a fresh, modern look, where shopping is a special experience every time.

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Maxi's shiny new look

The completely renovated store has become larger, and the new Maxi gourmet market has been divided into three larger segments – hot takeaway and ready-made food, an expanded selection for larger purchases and a self-service section for smaller purchases. The Maxi gourmet market is an addition to the existing selection of products, which visitors can continue to enjoy.

˝Maxi gourmet market is the place to come for indulging your culinary delights. Don’t miss the new departments that are sure to impress you. Visit the Japanese sushi department, the well-stocked fish market and the sandwich corner, where sandwiches are prepared to your exact requirements.˝

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Our top-quality service

We are proud of our staff. The 96 employees who work in the Maxi gourmet market provide services quickly, professionally and in a friendly way, so that all customers feel welcome and well-served. Modern solutions are also helpful when shopping. Customers can simplify their purchase process with the M scan, the Moj M application with a mobile wallet and virtual accounts, and the self-service Tik-Tak cash registers. Maxi gourmet market also regularly provides various tastings, promotions and surprises, as well as plenty of novelties and modern trends.

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Maxi is a department store with tradition

Maxi is a city department store with a rich historical, cultural and architectural tradition. When it opened, it was the largest and most prestigious store in the centre of Ljubljana. It has maintained its reputation to this day. For almost 50 years, it has been a staple in Ljubljana, helping to shape the lives of its citizens and customers. When Maxi opened in 1971, it was the first department store in Slovenia to offer a comprehensive product selection. It has always offered something to suit even most discerning of customers, people who are looking for special, top-quality or exotic products.