Self-Service Restaurant 2000


The lively circulation of guests around the self-service buffet islands speaks to the popularity of Restaurant 2000, and the satisfaction with the daily menu. The colourful groups of many different visitors are mostly composed of young people, whose main reason for dining here is the proximity to university and the diverse dishes, as well as the opportunity to use student meal coupons.

About Self-Service Restaurant 2000

At Restaurant 2000 we strive to follow the trends of healthy eating, which is why we offer light, yet well-rounded meals that are suited for every taste and habit. The meals are suitable for meat lovers, vegetarians, and stew enthusiasts. Those with gluten sensitivities are also accounted for, as their meals will be prepared separately and according to their wishes. Seasonally selected raw ingredients are the foundation of seasonal menus.

For lunch you can choose a soup of your choice, the main dish, and a side dish in addition to 200 g of salad and fruit. The receipt contains a coupon. After 10 collected coupons your 11th lunch is free of charge.

The price of the subsidized student meal is EUR 2.97 and includes the entire lunch with fruit and dessert.


Tel: +386 (0)51 285 334; mobile: 051 288 292; email:

Opening hours

monday - friday
saturday, sunday and holidays

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