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Maxim is a restaurant of excellent quality with the character of an establishment for formal affairs. It is situated in the heart of Ljubljana and its business, political and cultural centre. Maxim is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Slovenia and the recipient of several awards, such as the Gault Millau prize for best service in 2019 and the Gault Millau prize for high quality cuisine in 2019 (16.5 points), voted the best restaurant in Ljubljana in 2017 and 2018 by, while the restaurant was ranked among the top 10 restaurants in Slovenia for its superb wine selection, by

About Maxim

Maxim's cuisine is distinguished by its original dishes of international renown, and chefs’ culinary specialties. Our well-trained staff will turn your lunch or dinner into an unforgettable experience.

Maxim’s culinary and wine selection is intended for connoisseurs and gourmets; simply, people who feel great pleasure in tasting select flavours with excited taste buds. Various masters of flavour creation have already worked in harmony with a team of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, oenologists, etc. Each left their own mark on Maxim’s plates with a variety of philosophies, but we acknowledge that each of them helped create Maxim’s renown and are still helping to shape it with their originality, consistency, and superior quality. Maxim’s menu consists of dishes for which we carefully select ingredients every day. Many of them are on the unwritten daily menu and available only from the waiter. Maxim’s range of world-class wines is even more extensive. You will find more than 200 of the most prestigious wines from all regions of the world in our wine cellar. Restaurant Maxim offers superb meals, the character of which is reflected in natural, full flavours and in the first-class, yet simple and creative preparation.

Maxim can accommodate up to 80 guests at once, and up to 200 for standing events. Two separate rooms are also available for guests, with a separate entrance for two to eight people. In the summertime it is also pleasant to sit next to the fountain in the outdoor atrium.

See it all for yourself and pamper your taste buds in one of the most elite Slovenian restaurants. 

You can read the attached gourmet and à la carte menus to see the dishes we will pamper you with during your visit.


About the Chef

The star of Restaurant Maxim is the young chef Peter Kovač, who improved on the creations of famous chefs before him. Peter is a modern, sophisticated in the world of culinary art, and technically skilled chef who brought fresh change and many ideas for new dishes. Upon arrival at the head of this prestigious Ljubljana restaurant, he provided quite a few novelties, but the foundation still remains French cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean and local cuisine, because Peter enjoys using local ingredients and methods of meal preparation in his creations. Three times a year he and his team completely renew and refresh Maxim's menu. The dessert menu is also upgraded every time to offer even more sophisticated and spectacular items. Of course, such dishes deserve the best wines, which is why the wine list is carefully examined and updated each year. The emphasis lies primarily on local, Slovenian wines that are light and fresh.



Gault Millau - Best service of 2019

It is our honour that the Gault & Millau has recognized top-class service od our head of service, Matic Šubic. He received prestigious award The best service of 2019. 

Matic Šubic has been the head of service in Maxim since 2012. He is chefs right-hand man, a lover and connoisseur of Slovene and international wines. Šubic is always kind and calm. He knows a great deal about wine and food pairings and knows all the details of the food he serves and the techniques that were used by the chef. He listens carefully and has a wonderful ability to lead a guest discretely through the wine pairings without imposing his own taste. His service is impeccable and he is constantly trying to get better and learn new things. 

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