About Maxi

The Maxi department store is located in the economic and political epicentre of Ljubljana and Slovenia. It is part of the complex surrounding the Trg republike (Republic Square), and although this part of Ljubljana was built in the 1970s, it has a rich historical, cultural, and architectural heritage. Cankarjev Dom, the Slovenian Parliament, the NLB business building, and Republic Square will take you back to the recent Slovenian past. This was also the beginning of the path to Slovenian independence.

Maxi has been the centre of attention since the opening of the shopping centre in 1971. As the first department store in Slovenia with a full range of goods, Maxi truly reflects Ravnikar's heritage, though its interior boasts, above all, a range of products encompassing all the customers, including those with the most distinguished tastes. Namely, it represents the largest shop within the very centre of Ljubljana, which, with its full range of goods and additional services successfully provides for the development of shopping culture in Slovenia.

HINT: When visiting the Maxi department store you can park your vehicle in the immediate vicinity in the parking garage under Republic Square, where parking is free for two hours when you spend EUR 60 or more in Maxi. In doing so, you present your receipt at the information desk where they will stamp your parking ticket.



Trg republike 1
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Telefon: +386 (0)1 476 6812
Faks: +386 (0)1 426 20 86
E-pošta: info.maxi@mercator.si