Men's fashion

Maxi’s second and last floor is home to men’s collections. Men will be able to choose from a number of brands, including Brax, Gas, Pierre Cardin, Digel, Baldessarini and others. It is most certainly the hub for an excellent selection of men's business attire. Maxi understands the needs of the modern man, which is why our men's clothing department offers a wide variety of renowned brands that will, no matter what kind of taste or wish one has, guarantee endless possibilities, even for special occasions such as school dances, weddings, and other formal events.

In addition to dresses, jackets, and coats Maxi offers the “total look” – items that complete your look, such as a variety of dress shirts from classic cuts to trendy pieces, ties, bowties, cufflinks, headgear, and other necessary fashion accessories. The Lerros brand stands out from the competition.

Even fans of jeans and sporty casual attire, who prefer comfort and quality in a wardrobe made for active men, will not be disappointed with the following brands: Fynch Hatton, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee Cooper, KVL, Bogner, Timeout, S. Oliver and others.