maxi market

The basement level ob department store Maxi is home to the supermarket with an extensive selection of various specialties, prestigious products of world renowned brands as well as special and environmentally-friendly grocery products. The shop has its own bakery, where various fresh breads and pastries are prepared for you daily. The delicatessen offers a wide selection of quality meat products and cheeses from all across Europe. Tea connoisseurs will be pleased to find a selection of around 130 varieties of tea from around the world. However, we have not forgotten coffee enthusiasts. The shop is well stocked with an extensive selection of classic and espresso coffees from the world's most noted coffee brands. For those who prefer new, different and exotic flavours, we have a rich selection of ingredients used for preparing Asian and Mexican dishes. Maxi's offer of sweet treats will satisfy all pallets and provide inspiration for even the most demanding of customers with a sweet tooth. We must also mention our generous selection of wines, where you can chose from over 600 red, white, sparkling wines and Slovenian sparkling wines (penine) of the highest quality.

All in all, the Maxi supermarket abides by the same rules as other policies within the Maxi department store - it must possess all the necessary attributes to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, since the market helps everyone find something special for themselves.