Maxi Coffee and Pastry Shop


The Maxi pastry shop across from Parliament, off of Šubičeva street, is a more than 40-year-old location for a chat over coffee, dates, and friendly meetings. It boasts a large summer garden where you can enjoy the city's bustle in a pleasant environment and with friendly service.

Guests are delighted by the wide array of excellent traditional desserts from Ljubljana and Slovenia, such as the walnut square, prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layer pastry), cremeschnitte, and various rolls, which are made in our in-house pastry shop. Our own production enables us to make all of our products from selected ingredients of the highest quality. You can refresh yourself with refreshing cocktails and other beverages, eat a delicious fresh homemade ice cream, or just sit with a cup of good coffee.

Here it is easy to meet a famous musician or the country’s president. If you want to observe or be seen, then visit the Maxi Coffee and Pastry Shop. In the interior of the pastry shop there is room for approximately one hundred guests, and more than two hundred standing guests in the garden.

We can prepare custom cakes to your preferences for special occasions. We design it according to your wishes (round, square, tiered, etc.) and decorate it with your favourite designs (cartoon characters, animal motifs, etc.). The size of the cake can be adapted to the most sweet-loving group. 

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