Maxi Club Salon

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Above the pastry shop, on the first floor of the department store, you can stop in the trendy bar that offers comfort and privacy. The Club is directly connected to the department sore, so you can combine the pleasures of shopping with a chat over coffee and dessert.

  • Maxi Club is a restaurant that offers its guests a tranquil, pleasant, and comfortable visit in a modern, attractive, and functional atmosphere.
  • Maxi Club pampers it guests with an original and good-feeling interior, excellent service, and select range of cold refreshments and drinks.
  • Maxi Club connects and unites people during events, occasions, music sessions (jazz, latin, classic, et al.), literary evenings, debates, exhibitions (paintings, photographs, sculptures, jewellery, etc.) and book reading.
  • Maxi Club informs with a wide range of magazines and daily newspapers, a selected variety of books of the latest editions, and with technology (iPads, WiFi).
  • Maxi Club creates an experience with food, drink, music, events, books, and atmosphere. It is at once cosmopolitan and modern, yet feels like home.

We wish to return to the Club again and again. Alone, or in the company of friends. Because it is pleasant and interesting. Time stops for a moment while reading the latest book releases, or daily newspaper, and while surfing the web (iPad). We can listen to Club guests (book presentations), or participate in thematic discussions.

We allow ourselves to be pampered with a glass of excellent wine and a creatively prepared plate of cold delicacies and a wealth of desserts.

If you wish, Maxi Club can be available only for your company. You can arrange for standing service, as well as for lunch and dinner with a cold and warm buffet. The capacity for the former is a hundred, and sixty for the cold and warm buffet. The space is suitable for concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, and similar events, and it is often used for such purposes.


opening hours

monday - friday
saturday, sunday, holiday

where we are

1 06 mo